Olive Oil Gifts Are Perfect for Your Loved Ones

Olive oil giftsIf you are searching for the perfect birthday or Christmas gift, Isabella’s Fine Olive Oils has some great options. Olive oil gifts are very popular, since they combine visual appeal with usefulness. Our products come packaged in elegant bottles, which also look great on your countertop as a decoration. We also have an assortment of gift baskets, so you can choose from larger or smaller bottles, depending on the budget and what your recipient might like best. Share a sampler two-pack, allowing your friend or family member to try a few new flavors of olive oil, or stock up with the 18-pack, which comes nicely packaged for easy giveaway.

Olive oil gifts are also a great item to give away at raffles or silent auctions. Many people enjoy experimenting with new flavors and recipes in the kitchen, so providing unique flavors of oils and vinegars is a great way to try something different. The elegance of the bottle helps buyers know that these are high-end, high-quality food items that will be used often. If you aren’t sure what type of olive oil gifts might be well-received, you can also pick up one of our gift vouchers, allowing the recipient to choose the flavors he or she would like to try.

In addition to flavored balsamic vinegars and various types of olive oils, we also carry gourmet oils that amplify the flavors of your food. We have dark toasted sesame oil, which is the perfect complement to your Far East-inspired dishes, as well as roasted walnut oil and white truffle oil, which are flavorful alternatives to other cooking oils.



Flavor Your Favorite Foods with Traditional Balsamic Vinegar

traditional balsamic vinegarTraditional balsamic vinegar is a delicious addition to some of your favorite meals. At Isabella’s Fine Olive Oils, we carry a robust blend of freshly-harvested white grape juice, boiled down to become more heavily concentrated. Once boiled down, the vinegar is aged slowly in wooden casks over 18 years, fermenting the flavors and producing a rich and tangy final product. We carry a variety of size options of traditional balsamic vinegar, so you can sample it with a smaller bottle, or use it in more capacities when you choose a larger bottle.

Some of the most popular uses for balsamic vinegar include mixing it with olive oil to produce a delicious dressing for green salads and pasta salads, as well as creating a balsamic glaze to drizzle over pizza, chicken, steak, or other savory meats. In traditional Italian restaurants, you can typically find balsamic vinegar on the table as a condiment for dipping bread or adding flavor to your meal, and you can easily re-create this idea at home with your own bottle of traditional balsamic vinegar.

Some of the less common but equally delicious ways to use traditional balsamic vinegar are spreading it on bread or your favorite grilled cheese sandwich or sprinkling a drop or two atop a slice of tomato. You can also add it to your morning oatmeal along with a handful of blueberries, strawberries, or other fresh fruit, or marinate fish in it for tangy and unique-tasting fish tacos. At Isabella’s Fine Olive Oils, we also carry a range of fruit-infused balsamic vinegars, which can take your recipes to the next level of flavor.



White Vinegars: Great for Tangy Dressings, But That’s Just the Beginning!

Enjoying a crisp salad with a tangy vinaigrette is one of the most common ways of using vinegar. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Both flavored and regular white vinegars are versatile ingredients that add zing and flavor.

At Isabella’s Fine Olive Oils & Vinegars, we offer traditional style aged balsamic condimento from Modena Italy, as well as over 42 flavors of premium olive oils and white vinegars from all over the world. Visit us today in Huntersville or Mooresville, North Carolina!



Lose the Cliché Holiday Candles & Hosting Wine: Find Great Gift Ideas forEveryone at Isabella's Fine Olive Oils!

Gift IdeasDo you have a hard time trying to figure out what to give your coworkers, boss, or even friends as gifts for holidays, birthdays, or host gifts?  Sure, you can get a scented candle or two, a bottle of wine, or some other rick-rack to take up mantle space . . . But honestly, in a society where we're increasingly anti-hoarding, constantly de-cluttering, and professional organization companies make millions, do you really want to waste your money on a piece of rubble? True, the host-gift wine is at least consumable, so it won't take up space for long, but it's so expected, it's even what they do in all the movies.

You're more original than that. And we have the solution with great gift ideas that won't break the bank, that your giftee will love, and that you will be proud to be giving.

Our high-quality, flavored oils and vinegars make the perfect gift for any occasion. And with recipe ideas easy to find online, or with suggestions from our staff, you will never give a gift someone can't or won't use. Our products look great, and taste even better!

So for your next gift-giving occasion, pop on in to our store for some expert advice and to find some unique gift ideas you won't see anywhere else. You'll love giving our oils as a gift, and your friends and family will adore receiving them.