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Extra Virgin Olive OilThe Mediterranean diet has been generating a lot of buzz lately, as people realize its many benefits in both taste and health.  Consisting of light and healthy proteins and oils, fruits, vegetables, and herbs, this popular diet is getting the attention it deserves.  A key element of this diet is fine olive oils and vinegars -- particularly extra virgin olive oil and traditional balsamic vinegars. At Isabella’s Fine Olive Oils and Vinegars in Mooresville and Huntersville, North Carolina, we offer the best in quality and selection.  Whether you are a seasoned chef who uses these products every day, or a newcomer to the olive oil scene, we have the oils and vinegars you need.

Premium olive oil is made from olives grown in orchards with ideal soil and climate conditions.  Pests and weeds are controlled with organic products and hand and mechanical cultivation to prevent contamination.  The olives are harvested gently and processed within a very short time afterward, often within 24-48 hours, which helps preserve the flavor and nutrition of the oil.  Extra virgin olive oil, the highest quality and most nutritious olive oil, is cold pressed only once and left unfiltered.  Two presses creates virgin olive oil, and three presses makes olive oil.  Oil labeled as “light” usually uses heat or other refining methods that destroy the flavor and health benefits contained in the olives.

The different classes of olive oils serve different purposes in the kitchen.  Extra virgin olive oil has the most sophisticated flavor and is best for cold dishes and dressings, so heat doesn’t compromise the antioxidants.  Virgin olive oil and olive oil are better for lower temperature cooking with a higher smoke point.

Olive oils can have a variety of flavors.  Premium olive oils can vary in their flavor based largely on the time of harvest.  Olives that are harvested early in the season usually create a greener, stronger flavor.  The olives harvested later are purple and black and have a milder, buttery flavor.  There are also flavored olive oils that are made by either infusing (adding the flavors after the oil has been processed) or fusing (adding the flavors during the processing and then filtering out the particulates).  At Isabella’s Fine Olive Oil and Vinegars, we offer a selection of premium flavored olive oils, including garlic, lemon, blood orange, cilantro, basil, Persian lime, and wild mushroom & sage.

When you are looking to enjoy a premium olive oil, visit us at Isabella’s Fine Olive Oils and Vinegars.  We are working to change the way people understand and use olive oil, and to help people see this powerful oil as an essential part of their healthy diets and lifestyles.  Join us in our efforts and introduce your friends and family to a great mix of flavored oils and vinegars so they can enjoy this superfood, as well.  You can find us in Mooresville and Huntersville, North Carolina or on the web at http://isabellasoliveoil.com/.